Monday, April 4, 2011


I know I started this blog (again) saying that I would post frequently as to provide your menial lives with a dose of novice-to-average-quality culture from the constant purging of my creative mind. I haven't really done that, though.

Here at SMFA, our finals are actually panels of faculty and students that we present our semesters work to in order to get credit. That season has started and I am going crazy. The next month is going to be me rushing to get more work produced that I have so-far this spring. A rough-cut of my animation is due on Thursday of this week, and I haven't actually finished the animating, yet.

In any case, there isn't going to be a lot of new art to post on here. And if there is new art, I might not be able to find the time to actually post it.

I feel like I should have some new art to show as some kind of excuse, but I don't. Here's some old art instead: