Saturday, May 14, 2011

Four Photos

Visiting family in VA for the weekend. No animations yet, but they will come soon. Took some photos of my friend Mantas. Now he is famous. This is all I really have that I want to put out the effort for.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Parallax, Bone Chatter, and menial fame

Parallax, my semester-long project for my Animation 3 class, is finally finished. Actually, I finished it weeks ago, but I have been busy and tired, so I haven't yet posted it on here. Here it is!

The sound is iffy. If you are watching it, use headphones. The music is all in a very low register, and I have to figure out how to bring up the levels without blowing out the speakers. Beyond my knowledge, for now.

In spite of that major flaw, it won third prize in SMFA's Film and Animation Annual, which was screened at the MFA, Boston.

It was also just accepted into the Glovebox Short Film and Animation Festival in Somerville, MA. That is June 11 at the Somerville Theater, for those of you in Boston. Also, they are sponsored by dig Boston. They gave to me, I give back.

Also accepted (without my knowledge) to glovebox was an animation my roommate and I did last semester in class. It's called Bone Chatter. She submitted it in December and never told me. Awesome! Check it:

Parallax is getting submitted to more. You will be updated without consent. That is all.